Ali Sardar Jafri

Centenary Celebration of Ali Sardar Jafri (1913-2013)

Recipient of the national honor Padma Shri, the prestigious literary recognition of Jnanpith Award and several other laurels including the Soviet Land Nehru Award, U.P. Urdu Academy Award, Sant Jnaneshwar Award and Iqbal Award, Ali Sardar Jafri made his debut in writing with a collection of short stories, Manzil, in 1938, and thereafter made a mark as a poet in 1943, with his book, Parvaz. Attracted both to nationalism and communism, he virtually became the undisputed leader of the progressive Writers' Movement with his own inimitable style, wherein the love of the personal beloved got transformed into an engagement with revolution. And Jafri inaugurated the euphoria of liberation, and penned a collection of verses, Pattar kii Diivaar, when he was jailed during the freedom struggle.
With nine books of verses, two plays, one collection of short stories, one memoir-reportage and three collections of critical essays in his literary satchel, many of his distinguished writings have been translated into other languages which include Nai Duniya Ko Salaam, Khoon Ki Lakeer, Asia Jaag Utha, Lahu Pukarta Hai, Pairahar-e-Sharar, November Mera Gahwara, etc.